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so I went op-shopping again…


Yes, you can take the clutter away from the girl, but you can’t keep the girl out of the op-shops. To be fair, where I used to op-shop weekly (even daily when I had a small baby I needed to walk to to sleep in the pram and we lived two blocks from an excellent op-shop) – I’m now go perhaps once every two months. I enjoy it a lot more for going a lot less, too.

It had been so long since I went, I had a great time. I saw an old mattress base with this incredible 50s fabric on it, which I didn’t buy but photographed for your enjoyment:

I bought some very useful work-clothes in the op-shop’s half-price sale and I also bought these sweet, and useful Agee jars. I’ve never seen the little lidded ones before. I have a soft-spot for Agee jars – they were always what bottled peaches and plum jams came in when I was a kid and people used to preserve more. I love the old-fashioned font – it might say ‘Agee’ but it says ‘Happy’ to me.

& they make sweet vases, right?

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7 thoughts on “so I went op-shopping again…

  1. I have one of those very agee jars as my favourite drinking glass, I love the feel of the round glass lip against my own lips


  2. I love Agee jars! They’re not always that easy to get hold of, I suppose because everyone loves them. That fabric is amazing, I would’ve found it difficult not to buy it, even though I have no space for a mattress base!


  3. Taking photos of mattress fabric is such a great idea because they have the best fabric and it’s all I can do at the op-shop to stop myself buying them to unpick it. That pattern is incredible! Also the green jar lids – I got a little over-stimulated from all the green in this post.


  4. Yes – I know Sarah Laing has bought mattresses before to use the fabric – it’s a great idea!

    I’d never thought of drinking out of the little agee jars, Meliors, great idea!


  5. My friend Nicola has two crates of agee jars she’s about to put on trade me…. I love that swirling font. And that is the most excellent fifties pattern! Like the ones you find in books.


  6. This post makes me smile.


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