first steps

I haven’t blogged for a couple of years now and I feel a little rusty, but wow, it is nice to be back in this format.

I wrote a (slightly angsty) post about why I stopped my old blog and my feelings about blogging over on Emma’s blog here. Looks like I have moved on from how I felt then, and am back to feeling creatively ‘juicy’ and like I have something worthwhile to share.

I get the feeling people are reading less blogs and are communicating via social media more. However, it’s nice to have a forum where you can say something more than a sentence at a time.

What kept me from starting to blog again was getting my knickers in a knot about what I should ‘focus’ on…should it be a writing blog, or a yoga blog or a parenting blog…but I think I do best with no set agenda…following my interests and embracing the magpie that I am; collecting the shiny, the abandoned and the curious…

Anyway, much like poems about poetry are usually pretty dire and dull, the same is no doubt true about blog posts about blogging…


Today (for work) I am going shopping with a very French Frenchman for French food for a library event. I am looking forward to seeing NZ food outlets through his eyes. (He has already told me that New Zealand camembert and brie are ‘rubbery and bouncy – good only for bouncing or rolling’.) He also made me phone the bakeries in town to see which ones bake baguettes through the day, rather than just once in the morning! 🙂 No doubt he’ll have some strong opinions about wine, too.





6 thoughts on “first steps

  1. I totally agree with your French friend about the cheese! Also, I often dreamed of starting a bakery that baked bread throughout the day so that people who didn’t want to get out of bed at early o’clock could still have freshly baked bread. But sadly I am way too lazy for a bakery.


  2. Finding out that you are back to blogging has made my day! I’m weaning myself off facebook (once a day check in and status updates about my own blog only). You have been one of the delights of my life on FB so knoiwing I can follow you here simply affirms my decision to disengage from big brother. Promoting your book of poetry is a splendid justification, though you’re being pretty subtle about it so far. May I boldly suggest that you provide information about how to pre-order?


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