first steps

6 thoughts on “first steps”

  1. I totally agree with your French friend about the cheese! Also, I often dreamed of starting a bakery that baked bread throughout the day so that people who didn’t want to get out of bed at early o’clock could still have freshly baked bread. But sadly I am way too lazy for a bakery.


  2. Finding out that you are back to blogging has made my day! I’m weaning myself off facebook (once a day check in and status updates about my own blog only). You have been one of the delights of my life on FB so knoiwing I can follow you here simply affirms my decision to disengage from big brother. Promoting your book of poetry is a splendid justification, though you’re being pretty subtle about it so far. May I boldly suggest that you provide information about how to pre-order?


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