school holiday op-shopping

We hit a few op-shops over the holidays. Willoughby likes to get books, Magnus looks for matchbox cars, I look at everything.

Here’s some op-shopped treasures from the holidays:

Another tablecloth. I’ve gotta stop buying them! but I couldn’t resist these white wild-flowers on green background. Yum.

An old cotton reel box. I like the graphics on this – especially the pale blue line graphic of the factory the cotton was made. Modern products don’t have pictures of factories on them, do they? I guess factories are seen as a bad thing, now – associated with ugly industrial parts of town and sweatshops…

A pair of fox whiskey glasses. I’m guessing from the whips behind the fox that these are about fox-hunting. I’m on the fox’s side. He looks a bit stressed, doesn’t he? We will use these to….drink whiskey out of.

A chunky wicker basket – doesn’t it look nice full of apples?

& finally, more rescued op-shop art. Someone has just spray-painted a canvas. I like the colours very much and think I’ll do something to add to this one. It doesn’t feel finished yet. I like working collaboratively!

Isn’t op-shopping wonderfully random? You never know what you might find. I think that’s why I love it so much.


5 thoughts on “school holiday op-shopping

    1. Lol – yay! Yes, we do have very similar taste, don’t we? That’s why we are so great when we op-shop together! Eagle eyes for good taste.

      I’m gonna turn the cray-cray painting into something good – I promise. Ideas-a-brewin’.

      x H


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