aro valley street art

I love street art and take photographs of it when I see it, because by its very nature it is of the moment and may well not be there the next time I pass by.

Some of the best street art in the country (in my humble opinion) is in Wellington. We have some great stuff in Palmerston North, too, which I will show you over the coming months – but everytime I go to Wellington I see street art that really knocks my socks off.

Here is some street art from a recent visit to Aro Valley, Wellington:

And this one is my favourite::

Rainbow wolves….ROWWWWRRRR!

2 thoughts on “aro valley street art

  1. I love street art too, and over the weekend Taupo had an exhibition that you could walk around and look at the artists working. INCREDIBLE. On my blog two posts back I took a tonne of photos. In fact I think I got photos of more work from the rainbow wolves artist.


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