replacing one cat with four chickens

(Vegan friends – you may want to skip this entry…)

In autumn we lost our beloved family pet, Rocket-Cat, to throat cancer. Here he is in his favourite sleeping spot – my knitting bag:

Instead of replacing him with another cat, we have decided to get some chickens. Since going gluten-free because of the dietary needs of our youngest son, we are powering through the eggs. We eat eggs for breakfast everyday, plus using them in baking, cooking etc. So it makes sense to us to have a go at getting chickens for their eggs, as well as their general chickeny charm. We’re also trying to adopt more permaculture practices in our garden all the time, and chickens are a valuable asset to permaculture gardening.

I like chickens a lot. Whenever I visit friends who have chickens I always have to go and hang out with the chicken for a bit. A couple of weekends ago I got to walk around my friend’s farm with a cooing chicken tucked under my arm and it made me pretty happy.

Of course, I am at the romantic stage of my chicken experience. My friend Kimberley also recently got chickens and, although she still likes them, blogs here on ‘the truth about chickens’.

My other friend, Helen Heath, has told me some fairly horrific stories about her chicken owning experiences. She does a priceless imitation of a sick chicken. (She has an hilarious/dark essay about her pet killing experiences in the forthcoming 4th Floor Journal. I’ll let you know when it’s out.) 

I have also been watching various youtube horror flicks on chicken-care, like Green Urban Living’s ‘Almost a Snuff Movie’ here. Yeek! (I love the way she is demonstrating how to kill the chicken and keeps saying ‘just relax, darling’ to the chicken. SINISTER! lol)

We’re at the ‘building materials all over the back lawn’ stage of chicken-getting – but I’ll be sure to introduce our flock to you when they arrive. (This is a photo of me chasing a friend’s chickens, like the chicken groupie I am.)






6 thoughts on “replacing one cat with four chickens

  1. Aah, chickens. I want some too – but – we went to visit Alia and were wandering around her pastoral garden, admiring the chickens pecking around the broad bean stalks, and then we found a dead one. Jonathan, who grew up on a farm, buried it – Alia couldn’t bring herself to. The children gathered around as we told them about the cycle of life…. (actually I can feel a comic coming on 🙂


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