powered by tea and coffee

I’m in the final stage of marking university assignments for the year. It’s always a busy, scurry of a time – because as well as marking the final assignments, there is a lot of administrative ‘tidying up’ required to make sure all the submitted grades are correct and all students are accounted for. So, this year, on top of my library job – the pressure is feeling intense and immense and I am working pretty much every hour I’m awake at either one of my jobs or doing things for the children.


When it gets intense – I get even more reliant on my friends tea and coffee. Something about having a hot drink to sip really helps me tick along with my work. I alternate between coffee, black tea and herbal tea.

My poor family – during end of year marking, I always turn into a wild-eyed, over-caffeinated, feral beastie woman – incapable of thinking about anything but schedules and grade bell curves.

(That’s my friend Emma Barnes’s hand – I asked her to hand model for me because I liked the look of her text tattoo next to the blue and green of her coffee cup. Thanks,  Emma-hand-model!)

Thank goodness of the mini-reprieve that a cup of tea or coffee brings, in the middle of the madness.

A little cup of ‘hang in there’.



3 thoughts on “powered by tea and coffee

  1. you are a busy mama!
    i feel just the same way about tea and coffee (both of which i’m relying on heavily these days to get me through working, etc.) one day hopefully we can have (relaxing) coffee together!

    love that tattoo on your friends’ arm…


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