world famous in Palmerston North

Further proof that I am powered by tea and coffee is THIS ARTICLE  in yesterday’s Dominion Post where I was asked to choose ‘my favourite table’, and I chose Stagedoor Cafe.

It was fairly excruciating being at work as people spotted the article in the paper over the course of the day. Comments from my hilarious workmates included:

‘Hey, it’s the pin-up girl’

‘Look out – it’s the famous poet lady’

‘Wooooo – world famous in Palmerston North’



Librarians are so witty.


While I am directing your attention to things regarding me beyond this blog…I have a ‘Writer’ page on Facebook which I keep updated with my writing news and links. You can find that HERE.


Finally, in writerly-related news – the first printing of my book is going to be an edition of 250. (This might not sound like a lot, but it is a usual figure for an imprint of a little-known poet.) I am determined, DETERMINED to sell every copy – firstly to show my gratitude to my publisher for investing her time and money in me and secondly for my own satisfaction. I’ll keep you posted about my efforts to do this, and their outcomes. (Let me know if this is interesting, or not!)

OK, that’s enough of me blah-ing on about myself for one day.

Here is a pretty picture of some flowers – the pink poppies on the right are from my garden, the snapdragons on the left were foraged from some wasteland near our house. Oh, there’s a bit of purple ‘Honesty’ in there, too.





3 thoughts on “world famous in Palmerston North

  1. no no i mean that i needed it then when it was in my inbox and now as i came to your blog…it’s a snail time thing, and just as well they (those slow moving but so hungry snails) didn’t get to the flowers in the vase cause the flowers made-a my day-a…I just read your reply here as am not hooked up to receive replies via email…you’re a miracle of nature (and nurture x)


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