4 thoughts on “everyday”

  1. I have a daily yoga practice. Well, until a couple of months ago it was a daily qi gong practice, and by daily I mean six out of seven mornings.
    Most often its an intuitive practice where I start with a pose or series and then carry on with whatever occurs to me. When I have an ache or an emotion, I focus my session on releasing that. Some days its 15 minutes, some days its almost an hour, mostly somewhere in the middle. When I’m not very motivated I follow a lovely Shiva Rea CD I’ve had for years, or open a yoga book for inspiration.
    I haven’t been to a regular yoga class for years (tho I try and get a few Bikkram sessions in when I’m in Melbourne). So my form is probably a bit wack (though I try hard), and I don’t usually hold a pose as long as I would in a class and I am more likely to repeat my favourites and avoid great challenges. Its an undisciplined discipline that I practice.
    But I figure something is better than nothing, and a total of three hours of yoga over six days is probably better than one 90 minute class a week, and I wouldn’t go every week anyway because I like staying home. So my home practice is good enough and besides I love it and love the way it starts my day with positive energy.


  2. Wow! I am not sure how I even came across reading, then signing up for your blog…but I just read this, and it makes me a bit sad I live too far away from Palmy to just join in Nat’s classes anytime. I’ve only been to 3? maybe 4? of her classes- one was JUST ME!!! and I can truly say, that of all the yoga I’ve done, with many different teachers-who all have their positives, she, in my opinion, is exactly how you describe…and I found that magical. To this day, I can remember some very simple tips she gave specifically to me, and remember her with much respect. So, maybe I met you too? We went to Stage Door for a Birthday? I had bought my ex Peter along? and my big dog, Tonka…


  3. Hey Meliors, your home practice sounds terrific and just what I’m talking about. I think home practice is actually harder than taking off to a class. When you go to a class, it’s all laid on for you – at home, you have to find the motivation and think up the sequence, for yourself.


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