craving miracles

Election day this weekend. (What? You didn’t notice? How? lol)

It’s hard not to feel bleak about the world lately. Here, …overseas, …the state of the whole planet, actually.

I’ve been listening to THIS BJORK SONG HERE on high rotate all week. That’s how I feel – pretty worn down by where things are headed and ‘craving miracles’.

It’s going to take some miracles to turn things around.

In the song, Bjork says:

‘My romantic gene is dominant

and it hungers for union

Universal intimacy

All embracing.’

I feel the same way. I know my utopian ideas for how things could be are untenable in the face of how the world is – but I can’t help it. It does feel like a gene, like DNA…not just a choice or an affectation.

I hope people vote for the wellbeing of all New Zealanders and the land we dwell on and are borrowing from our children and grandchildren. I also hope after the election, whatever the outcome, people stay engaged and active and work together for positive change. The election is one tiny element of politics, not it’s zenith.

‘Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.’     -Wendell Phillips


9 thoughts on “craving miracles

  1. that’s a beautiful song.
    your thoughts on politics are also beautiful. yes, we must remember that an election is not the only time we need to take action … we do live in a democracy and there’s more work to do than just voting!


  2. I exercised my democratic right last week. It involved ticking two boxes with a squdgy orange marker pen. I’m not sure it’s *exactly* what Cleisthenes had in mind, but for those several seconds, I felt wonderfully involved and empowered. For the 1100-odd days until the next election, I will exercise my *real* votes – one dollar at a time – whenever I spend money on a product or service.


  3. @Emma – yes, I remember you being horrified about the fence thing. Maybe I’d let people keep fences… 😉 I loved that road-trip.

    @Penelope – I’m far too moral for conventional politics. 😉


  4. Funny thing – I was just reflecting on those lyrics, and upon googling them, this blog was one of the top links. And I have the same uke as the one in that picture. (Well, mine is red but.) It’s on the floor to my left as I type. There’s some random union, for you.


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