craving miracles

9 thoughts on “craving miracles”

  1. that’s a beautiful song.
    your thoughts on politics are also beautiful. yes, we must remember that an election is not the only time we need to take action … we do live in a democracy and there’s more work to do than just voting!


  2. I exercised my democratic right last week. It involved ticking two boxes with a squdgy orange marker pen. I’m not sure it’s *exactly* what Cleisthenes had in mind, but for those several seconds, I felt wonderfully involved and empowered. For the 1100-odd days until the next election, I will exercise my *real* votes – one dollar at a time – whenever I spend money on a product or service.


  3. I just remembered that random conversation from our road trip where we talked about what we’d implement if we ruled the world… I’m still for letting people have fences.


  4. @Emma – yes, I remember you being horrified about the fence thing. Maybe I’d let people keep fences… 😉 I loved that road-trip.

    @Penelope – I’m far too moral for conventional politics. 😉


  5. Funny thing – I was just reflecting on those lyrics, and upon googling them, this blog was one of the top links. And I have the same uke as the one in that picture. (Well, mine is red but.) It’s on the floor to my left as I type. There’s some random union, for you.


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