red and white

6 thoughts on “red and white”

  1. I find them interesting! Haven’t been opshopping in flipping ages but I love it…need to allocate some time for a good cruise round. Those gladioli are pretty, they were always one of my favourites as a child (more exciting than the other flowers) along with, incidentally, poppies (the colour was so beautiful, the Wizard of Oz connotations, and they have lovely soft petals.)


  2. Thank you! One great thing about living in the Manawatu is that the opshops are AWESOME! 🙂

    This is the first time I’ve grown gladioli, I found out my grandmother used to grow them for extra money in the 1950s and it made me want to grow some in her honour.


  3. the skirt is gorgeous!i really should blog our op-shop finds too!

    (came here from tiny happy, congrats on the book! was so happy to see your name pop up – i was in your english class in high school and you made a big impact on my love for english and writing, thank you.)


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