Craft Country this Saturday! Yeeeeeha!

This weekend I’m having two blissful kid-free nights in Featherston at my friend Emma McCleary’s house. It’s my little treat before the school holidays and a whole lot of intensive parenting begin! Emma is a great host and we always have a good time.

Emma co-runs the Craft Country Fair in Greytown (this Saturday, 10-3,Town Hall)  and both she and I are having stalls there on Saturday. There will be lots of great sellers, who make beautiful, handmade art and craft. I know the selection of sellers is very particular, so the items available will be the most original and interesting…

You can read all about the fair on their website HERE.

Emma did a great post about the fair HERE.

Emma made cool montages on flickr of all the sellers. Mine is HERE. Emma’s is HERE. All the other sellers are over there on flickr, too – have a look around!

If you are in the Wairarapa, do come! Or come over from Wellington and have a day out – there are lots of fabulous shops and cafes in Greytown, Carterton and Martinborough, too. Plenty to make it a great day trip.

I’m selling softies, collaged cards, brooches, bunting and……my book – which is not strictly handmade, but Emma said I could!

Doe-see-doe, and swing your partner! Yeehaa!

One thought on “Craft Country this Saturday! Yeeeeeha!

  1. You hand made the poetry in it though.

    Emma’s inner forearm tattoo reminds me of arriving at and walking along Waverley Beach cliffs for the first time since being a child. I had a pen in hand but no paper in pocket so scrawled along my inner forearm the words I was panting to write. Sally photographed my arm for me at black sand beach Oakura at dusk on way to New Plymouth. Must find the photos so I can remember the text!

    This weekend we’re going to the Flying Fox bush retreat up the Whanganui River — for Saturday night! You cross the river in a cable car thing to get to it. Lindy and Murray are shouting us to console after the crap crap parts of some of this year. Isn’t that wonderful?

    I hope you and Emma have a magic time



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