snapshots from a weekend away

As an end of year treat before the intensive parenting of the summer holidays, I had two nights away at my friend Emma McCleary’s place in Featherston.

I relish getting away by myself, no one to answer to, blissful solo time, free to think my thoughts and follow my whims.

En route to Featherston, I had breakfast in a sunny window and did some writing.

After some Christmas shopping, I tired of shops and people and so found a tree and some grass and had a little picnic for one (a boiled egg, an apple, a muesli bar and some water) in the shade.

Emma made me very welcome – starting our visit with chocolate cupcakes and tea, which I regret I didn’t get a snap of.

I love the guest room at Emma’s – it is the room I retreat to in my head when my children are wearing on my nerves. It has dark navy walls and delicious white bed linen – the kind you can’t have when there are children in the house.

The next day I did the Craft Country fair, which Emma co-organises. It was a lovely day and I saw some old crafting friends and made some new ones. Craft Country also has a shop in Featherston – you can find out about it HERE.

On Sunday, Emma and I drove all around the Wairarapa looking at stuff and chatting. I bought a fantastic alphabet stamp set from Hope & Glory in Greytown which I plan to do interesting poetry projects with.

On a whim we went to nosey at an open home for an amazing gothic brick heritage house. Emma took some wonderful photographs which are HERE. The house was in total disrepair, but beautiful all the same. We loved making up ideas of what could be done with it.

Our final stop was Moore Wilsons Masterton where I bought an eclectic bunch of stuff, from artisanal honey to paper doilies to a NZ-made coal shovel to the stinkiest, yummiest Parmesan which I had to wrap in several layers of newspaper before taking on the bus.

The bus ride home was hot and long, because of the closure of the Manawatu Gorge…but I got home tired, over-stimulated, happy and to discover that the family had acquired a) a Christmas tree and b) four chickens!

What a weekend!

I love the Wairarapa! I have decided I want to move to Carterton. If anyone would like to donate me  a million dollars so I can make that move in style and then live down there without needing to find employment so I can garden and write fulltime, well, that would be swell. Email me.





4 thoughts on “snapshots from a weekend away

  1. It looks like you had an amazing weekend! I love the idea of moving to Carterton too. Surely we can outnumber the rednecks and turn it into an artist’s colony! After all, it had Georgina as the mayor…


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