the stay at home mother contemplates flight

My friend Bryan Gibson, who is a talented musician and photographer, ‘bootlegged’ me reading my poem ‘the stay at home mother contemplates flight’ at my Palmerston North book launch and made this movie, featuring his guitar-playing. He put this together the very night of the launch! I love having creative friends who will do things like this just for fun.

You can watch it HERE.

(I think I like his guitar better than the sound of my own voice. I have cringe about how nasal my voice is.)

When I saw this mattress in our local park I thought a) hobo bed and b) how do heavy mattresses end up in parks?




4 thoughts on “the stay at home mother contemplates flight

  1. Hey Helen, enjoying your new blog. I often want to salvage the fabric of abandoned mattresses. This one makes me think ‘alfresco tryst on a faded bed of roses’. Looking forward to reading your collection.


    1. Thanks, Mariana! Yes, I know what you mean about the fabric of mattresses….I often have to fight the inclination to go and lie on them, too, even though logically I know this would not be a pleasant experience.


  2. I love the movie! YOu’ve got your own music video already!
    Also, when I last found a beautiful floral mattress on the side of the road I stripped the fabric off it to use it later.
    Have you seen Neil Pardington’s mattress photos? They’re quite beautiful.


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