new year intentions

19 thoughts on “new year intentions”

    1. Gardening and having a baby goes quite well together, I think, Sarah. My garden was very-well-groomed when Magnus was a wee one. I used to put him down for a nap under a tree while I weeded… good luck with your garden!


  1. I like your intentions!

    My tentative intentions are:

    – Focus on Family and Friends (2012 is the year of the sibling!)

    – Focus on preventing and easing winter depression

    – Focus on writing

    – Spend less, buy less.

    – Focus on living in my body.


      1. Thanks! Me too. Also, technically me buying your stuff is against Trade Me’s Terms and Conditions anyway. But I would like to purchase rather than take! Maybe I could just wheel and deal next time I’m at your place!!! Also, all my intentions are similar to yours. Intention Jack! I think it shows the quality of your intentions. All good things.


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