Here are some things which have happened lately….

I have been doing a bit of lounging beside creeks and rivers while the boys throw stones:

I got to visit the country getaway of some friends, which I think is what heaven looks like in my mind (i.e. a ramshackle country cottage full of charming objets d’art with a porch with a grape vine and a big rambling garden and huge trees and total privacy, with a large fruit orchard beside it and fields as far as the eye can see….yes PLEASE!) :

Made a ridiculous blue cake in the shape of a vehicle:

Received a gift of a giant lemon from Emma (yes, that is a standard sized coffee cup.):

We finally got the chickens I blogged about back HERE. They are completely charming and lovely:

& I had the best cupcake of 2011. It was at a work function. So often commerically made cupcakes are dry and disappointing – but this one was divine. Vanilla-tasting, soft and the icing was buttery and delicious:




3 thoughts on “lately…

  1. That first photo is very sublime – it looks like you’re floating. And that you have very fragrant feet. And that some tiny woodland humanoid has left a handprint on the big yellow leaf. It’s kind of weirding me out.


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