This week: school goes back, I am going to buy a lemon tree; yoga yoga yoga because I’m supposed to be starting to teach in March MARCH!; planning New Zealand Book Month events at work; writing writing writing stuff is falling out of me right now so I have to go with it while it is flowing (spewing?); I am going to mail my book to some people overseas in the vain hope it gets some attention, (how wonderful vain hope is – I imagine it to be a sickly sweet substance, similar to Candy Floss); I love my friends so much – if you are my friend, I LOVE YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU DO; planning a date night with long-suffering F – we want Turkish food and a conversation not punctuated with ‘Mum?? Dad??’; continue adding to the garage sale pile and trying to reduce my circumstances to the essential and elemental in some ridiculous zen-knife-fight against my magpie nature; make a giant pot of bean soup which can be dinner and then lunch and then dinner and then lunch; steel myself for a long phone call to the IRD; wear my jeans some more; light fires.



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