cape gooseberries

5 thoughts on “cape gooseberries”

  1. I love cape gooseberries. My grandparents always had a big bush and I remember in summer eating them in their garden in the Port Hills in Christchurch. I loved the rustle of the papery shell and then the berry inside.

    Also, that is such a good story, even if it is embarrassing! I always feel like sharing embarrassing stories when someone tells me one! This time I’m going to save it for the next time I see you! Hopefully soon!


  2. I do love that poem! And I do love cape gooseberries, or at least the look of them. They tasted weird to me as a child, sweet, tangy and savory. Are you growing tomatillos? They are a lot like tomatillos.


  3. Glad you actually bought a copy of my book! So happy to be turning up in your blog and yeah, aren’t cape gooseberries the business! XXX


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