snail mail is love in action

Late last year I did a mail swap with ROSE BEERHORST, the eldest daughter of the wonderful BEERHORST FAMILY. Rose and I have been ‘friends’ on flickr for a number of years and I have very much enjoyed her and her family’s photos there, and their blogs. In fact, I’m slightly obsessed with them and their pure-living, home-schooling, art-making ways.

Unfortunately, Rose’s package came in the middle of my work maelstrom of late last year, so I didn’t record it upon arrival. The other day, though, cleaning out a drawer, I came upon some of the wonderful things she sent me. (Just some of many!) (Sorry about the average photographs – I took these late at night, tired and impatient…)

Some of her terrific home-made patches:

A ‘zine she made for an art project about ‘Patchwork’, more as being representative of her political beliefs than in the literal sense. This quote was on the back of the ‘zine and I like it very much:

And, how wonderful and quirky is this, a ‘love’ bean – which is a real bean which has somehow had things stamped into it. It is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time and I love it:

Thanks so much, Rose!

My next project is to write a letter to Rick Beerhorst, as he has declared on his blog that he always ALWAYS replies to snail mail, making him a rare beast in this digital age, and so I intend to put his declaration to the test! I love snail mail!


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