so I went op-shopping again…

7 thoughts on “so I went op-shopping again…”

  1. I love Agee jars! They’re not always that easy to get hold of, I suppose because everyone loves them. That fabric is amazing, I would’ve found it difficult not to buy it, even though I have no space for a mattress base!


  2. Taking photos of mattress fabric is such a great idea because they have the best fabric and it’s all I can do at the op-shop to stop myself buying them to unpick it. That pattern is incredible! Also the green jar lids – I got a little over-stimulated from all the green in this post.


  3. My friend Nicola has two crates of agee jars she’s about to put on trade me…. I love that swirling font. And that is the most excellent fifties pattern! Like the ones you find in books.


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