Pivara Yoga

8 thoughts on “Pivara Yoga”

  1. Hey Helen, just caught up with your blog after a long absence (after catching up with you in person briefly). Best wishes for this. It sounds amazing.


  2. Luck, luck, luck. What a wonderful idea for a class. I love yoga but don’t like classes because it’s often difficult keeping up being a chubby bubby. I have been loving your posts about being more connected and mindful. Good on you.


  3. Yay you Helen! All the very best with your classes, I’m sure they will go very well and be wonderful. In my yoga experience, everyone has things they can’t do, and things they can do, and it’s great when those things are accommodated. I know I appreciate it when my teacher shows me how to get the same or similar stretch, but in a way that’s possible for me. You’ll be empowering lots of people.


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