winter is coming

Autumn – you wench! You are absolutely here, aren’t you?

Every autumn I do this – pull out the raggedy, dying tomato plants and put every single green marble of a tomato on a piece of carboard in a sunny window. Every year I think ‘there is no way they’ll ripen’ and every year they do ripen, and while they are a little bitter and not great raw, they are perfect for cooking:

Is there any leaf prettier than a gingko leaf?

That weird feeling when you first put socks and shoes on after months of sandals…how strange and contained your feet feel:

In my world, lace and polkadot skate shoes and stripes and hot-pink tiger stripes look great together. It’s a singular place, my world, but you’re most welcome here…


One thought on “winter is coming

  1. I have to do that to my tomatoes too and they’ve ALL got a fungal disease. Damn you, damp summer. Luckily it’s only skin deep and it’s the school gala soon, so I am envisaging some relish action.


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