Mad Adventure Fund – 2014

4 thoughts on “Mad Adventure Fund – 2014”

  1. ❤ This is amazing. Also you and F had already been together for 10 years when S and I hooked up! We celebrate a decade in 2014 and I'm pretty impressed with myself about that (I say from 2012). Twice that seems even awesomer.


  2. Add your trademe handle so that we can buy something and support your MAD adventure to New York.
    We went in 1989 our first year of hooking up together. May we should go for our 25th!


  3. Oh wow, 20 years! Crazy! I love your idea and sometime soon after the end of the month I will send you a royalty cheque which won’t go super far towards helping you get to New York, but will help a little bit. Yay!


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