harvest weekend

It was a big harvest weekend in the garden – I did a lot of garden/kitchen stuff which I will tell you about over this week.

Here’s a start: I pulled all the dying summer crops out of our biggest garden bed – all the tomato plants, harvested the pumpkins, the last celery, lettuces going to seed, picked some corn for dinner.

Then I weeded the whole bed and gave it a deep feed of my Dad’s magical fish-guts fertiliser, dried blood and sheep poo. Gosh, it’s a glamorous business, gardening. By the end of all that I was covered in dirt and stunk pretty bad.

After a wash, a cup of tea and a sit down, I wandered down the street to the supermarket which has a great selection of Awapuni nursery seedlings – came home, planted stuff for winter: brussel sprouts, spring cabbages, leeks, spring onions, beetroot, more silverbeet and moved some self-seeded purple kale from the backyard to the vege garden. It looks pretty unimpressive right now – but I’m hoping to have a terrific mid-winter-garden photo to compare it to in a few months time:

Roasted some pumpkin to to made soup:

Here are some of the other pumpkins – they look a bit mutant because they are self-seeded ones out of the compost so they probably cross-pollinated or something – but they are still entirely edible, even if they wouldn’t win any rosettes at an A&P show! There are another six still growing around the bottom of the corn, so we are going to be eating a lot of pumpkin:

After being so covered in dirt in my gardening threads most of Saturday, on Sunday I felt the need to wear something pretty, so out came my bloomers and sari-skirt – however, I ended up wandering out to the garden again late morning and next thing I know, I have a trowel in my hand and my bloomers have big grass stains on the knees and then I ripped my skirt on a nail. Proof that a) no matter what I start out in, I always end up looking a wreck and b) wear ridiculous clothing when you garden at your peril!

But who cares? The garden got a heap of loving, it was grand for my body and soul and I have enough kitcheny/gardeny tales to tell from the weekend to last me through the week. Hoorah!


5 thoughts on “harvest weekend

  1. It was indeed a weekend for gardening! Even I did some. With my ‘gardening club’ (we have a high ratio of afternoon teas and lunches to actual gardening) we destroyed some agapanthus and planted flowers and flax. I managed to not get too grubby, which is just as well as I have no sense of occasion when it comes to clothes. Picture me in my prettiest sundress and steelcap boots stuck halfway down a muddy bank in front of our house.

    I’m especially impressed with your pumpkins. I always like plants that look after themselves.


  2. Seeing young seedlings like that reminds me of snail slaughters, so prevalent in our garden, despite broken up eggshell technique…til I discovered Quash – a good, natural snail slaughterer (cheap from Mitre 10 or Bunnings)…do you use that?


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