a quick autumn knit

I’ve been knitting a few of these lately – somewhere between a cowl and a thin scarf – they are simple and quick to knit. I knitted a dark grey one for myself, a lighter grey one for a friend’s birthday and this bright orange and pink one for another friend.

I wanted something that was almost like knitted necklace and so this is what I came up with.

Perfect for autumn, they keep the back of your neck warm and the front of you looking pretty, but not too hot.

Here’s how – you’ll need a fairly thick wool – cast on twelve stitches. (The thickness or thin-ness of the wool you choose will determine how thick your cowl turns out.) Knit in stocking stitch until you can loop it around your neck twice, as pictured, to whatever length is flattering to your personal dimensions (your height, boob size etc, should be taken into consideration!) It usually works out at most of one standard sized ball of wool.

Because the knitted strip is so thin, it curls in on itself creating the rounded, tube-like look.

When it is long enough, simply sew the two ends together, and there you have it!

I really enjoy knitting these, so will probably inflict them on most of my friends as gifts this year. Be warned, friends!

This is the perfect mindless project for when you want to decompress with a spot of knitting, but don’t want to have to concentrate too much.


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