this is a post about how I made some lemon muffins. I know. living the dream!

A friend gave me a little jar of lemon curd she’d made:

As we don’t eat a lot of bread in my household, I decided to make ‘lemon volcano’ muffins.

I made Alison Holst’s basic sweet muffin recipe, then when the mixture was spooned into the muffin tins I ‘tucked’ a big teaspoonful of lemon curd into each muffin by sort of pushing the spoon down and back into the mixture, and then flicking the mixture over the top so the lemon curd was covered. It’s all in the wrists.

That way, when the muffins cook – the lemon curd bursts out of the top, making little lemon volcanoes. Best eaten while warm.

(These were made with spelt flour, which is what I bake with as we have a family member who can’t eat regular wheat flour. Spelt flour is more expensive but is also more nutritious and is lovely to bake with – making a rich crumb. It is also more filling than regular flour, so you find you only need to eat half of what you would if it were made with normal flour. Often wheat-intolerant people can eat spelt flour, even though it is a form of wheat. Also, in German it is called Dinkel – who can resist eating something called Dinkel?)


2 thoughts on “this is a post about how I made some lemon muffins. I know. living the dream!

  1. Spelt flour! How healthy. Super impressive. I love lemon-based desserts. This one looks so good! When you have the time, do drop by my space. I just made a chickpea based appetizer and would love to hear what you think.


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