Some Stuff, a scoop on Scoop and the wonderful ODT…

Firstly, my friend, the journalist Kimberley Rothwell has started a blog on the Stuff website about her new garden. The refreshing thing about Kimberley’s blog is how honest it is! Lots of people are commenting, too, so it’s a great place to go to read about people’s experiences with things like Wellington wind, tomato failure and keeping chickens, you can find it HERE: Woman v Wild. 


Secondly, another talented friend Helen Heath has helped to resurrect Scoop Review of Books from a long hiatus. (Scoop is another news site, like Stuff only more independent.) The Review of Books has returned with a bang with heaps of great posts from talented writers like Pip Adam, Bill Nelson, Lindsay Pope and lots of others covering the recent Readers and Writers Week. I’m happy to see that there are also lots of poetry reviews. I’m going to be writing some reviews too. Given that Helen has just started her PhD, we’re very lucky she was happy to take on the substantial job of co-ordinating the return of the review pages. Great job, Helen! You can find it HERE: Scoop Review of Books.


Finally, I got another review! This time in the Otago Daily Times. The Otago Daily Times do a great job of supporting New Zealand poetry – in fact (I would love to be corrected about this) but I think they may be the only daily newspaper that even reviews poetry? (Please prove me wrong about that, if you can…) I was very happy with the review – you can read it HERE: Otago Daily Times: Poetry.

By the way – if you are interested in keeping up with my writing news (because I don’t post it all here, because I’m never sure how interesting/boring it is) you can ‘like’ my writer page on Facebook. I only post on it when there IS some noteworthy news, which isn’t often, so I promise it won’t be a ‘spammy’ presence in your newsfeed. You can find that HERE: Helen Lehndorf Writer.

That’s all my news and gossip for now. Have a great weekend. X



6 thoughts on “Some Stuff, a scoop on Scoop and the wonderful ODT…

  1. Janis got here before me, but the Paula Green does an excellent job of reviewing poetry for the Herald. And I hear some rumours that you should keep an eye out!


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