new to me lately

7 thoughts on “new to me lately”

  1. well done not getting them- i bought the same peas at an op shop in upper hutt. they are now in my give away pile because the holes in them are too big and salt pours out to fast


  2. There’s no way I could have walked past that knitted piggy either. Your post inspired me to do a similar show and tell of recent oppie finds. I think you’ll like the knitted donkey!


  3. Oh nice scores! I love the red bag, too. Hey, did you know that I used to be in a poetry group (and very briefly lived with) your sister, Therese in the late 90s early, 00s? Our group was called Poetry For Real. New Zealand is so wonderfully small, huh?


  4. Yes, it is a crazily small world. I just found out that you and Therese knew each other when she came to stay with us last weekend. I gave her your book to read and she loved it too!


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