rest is contained in mattresses

12 thoughts on “rest is contained in mattresses”

  1. Wow, you quit twitter? I am very impressed. And I also am trying to be brave enough to check out and try and do nothing for a bit – it’s hard when you’re used to working your butt off. Good luck, and report back from the resting front.


  2. I agree about the emptiness of Twitter (and social media) but I am addicted maybe?? Good on you. It’s a very complex issue for me personally. I admire your resolve and resting….yes….that


    1. Resting is always more a theory than a reality for mothers, right? I think domestic life never lets up and what goes is always a woman’s creativity….somehow laundry is still being done, meals are being cooked, but in my resting…less writing is getting done. Sigh!


  3. Yeah, twitter was making me feel lonely, which seems to be the total opposite of what it is supposed to do, right? Drew quit too, a while back. I’d like to quit facebook again but my writer page is holding me there, for now… x H


  4. I love your mattresses. Just the thought of that colourful life concealed beneath plain sheets makes me smile. You’ve inspired me to photograph those things that catch my eye, rather than to buy (why didn’t I think of that?)


    1. Yes! Whipping out my camera in op shops has saved me quite a few purchases lately – especially because often things are ‘novel’ or ‘quirky’ so you want to share them with your friends, but don’t necessarily want to live with that item!

      At the request of my friend Emma, I’ve started a group on flickr about mattresses in op-shops – here:

      Pentagon Shaped Foam Mattresses in Edmonton - Make My Foam

      And I just found this great project by artist lisa dahl here:

      Thanks for stopping by, Kate! x


  5. I’ve mostly been off Twitter for a few months (though with occasional visits), because it messes with my concentration. But conversely I found it did result in some genuine connections (like Pauline for example!), and I feel a bit out of touch with some people because of not being there. But yeah, you have to make choices that are good for you.


  6. The day I became a twitter quitter I never looked back – shame I don’t apply similar resolve to other objectives on my annoying ‘Not To Do’ list!

    And facebook drives me crazy: I really need to stop boring myself and other people with “look at me, life in Dunedin can be interesting even though it’s at the bottom of the world” posts, but facebook has replaced email and I so loved to get a good email. And the boyf told me that quitting facebook is regarded as the adult’s version of leaving home just so you can get your parents’ attention. I give up!

    I’ve always like a good blog like yours and Sarah’s, so I am thinking this just might do the trick to satisfy my ramblings. What’s a good platform? What’s this? Are there rules for other people not typing long comments like this due to insomnia?


    1. WordPress is awesome – I recommend it! I would love to read your ‘life in Dunedin is great’ blog and have always believed you are a terrific writer!

      Not missing twitter AT ALL. Not that I was an addict or anything, so being off is not too dissimilar to being on.


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