mattress-arama in the Sallies

It was a regular mattress-arama at the Salvation Army Family Store last week.

I spotted my first mattress covered in actual mattress ticking! Although probably not vintage ticking. (Ticking is a type of heavily woven fabric, usually striped. When mattresses were filled with feathers, ticking was used to keep the feathers within the mattress and stop them poking through. I am in danger of becoming a mattress-expert through this project. Hoorah, more useless information cluttering my brain!)

I love this bright blue 1970s fabric:

Scribbly flowers:

Another blue on a cotton-covered squab (does that count as a mattress?)

And my favourite of the day, another sunny 1970s one in hot colours:

Sorry about the bad photo quality of some of these – taking photographs in an op-shop means you gotta be hasty! So far I’ve had funny looks from people, but no one has asked what I’m doing or asked me to refrain.

Also, often mattresses have urky stains on them. I try (not always successfully) to avoid getting the urky stains in the shots, because that’s just URK.



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