dance, dance, dance to the radio*

13 thoughts on “dance, dance, dance to the radio*”

  1. Wow. I love podcasts and will take great pleasure working through your list of recommendations – some I listen to already (endorse the greatness of Great Lives) – but most I doubt I’d ever have stumbled upon. The Buddhist ones appeal. And Transmission – gah! like a blow to the stomach. Bliss.


    1. Oh whew – you got the thing about feeling sick when hearing a deeply favourite song….I felt a bit nuts when I wrote that but thought it was worth the risk!

      Have you got any other UK podcasts you can recommend? Is there anything which is kind of like the John Peel Show used to be?


  2. Yay! New podcasts – I’m super keen to listen to the music, history and craft recommendations. If you like the examination of someone’s life try Desert Island Discs, for history I Ike Stuff you Missed in History and for walking or solitary working Selected Shorts is my fav.


  3. I was going to make you a mix tape a few months ago, but when I found out you didn’t have a tape player my plans fell apart. I didn’t even THINK about mix cds. The very last mix tape I received was from Simon in 2004 and I listened to that tape so much if I play it now it is stretched and all the songs sound wrong. So I just hold it in my hand sometimes and remember all the times I listened to it when we were first falling in love.


  4. Oh yay, thanks for that, I am listening to lots of podcasts now that I am doing a lot of drawing rather than writing. I am going to start with your ‘All songs considered’ suggestion. I have to re-endorse the New Yorker fiction podcast, because I really love listening to a good short story and I also like the analysis afterwards. I also pick and choose from Kim Hill because I never listen on Saturday mornings (Otto doesn’t let us have the radio on, only music, and my iPod has died!)


  5. Thanks for the recommendations. I went off and found Great Lives and have been listening since I read your post. I am in a bit of a podcast slump at the moment – there is a lot out there and weeding out the good stuff can be arduous. Still, these few keep me going – Friday Night Comedy from the BBC – you either get The News Quiz with the adorable Sandi Toksvig, or The Now Show, which is also very funny; Wait Wait … don’t tell me from NPR, also a news quiz (, and occasionally To the best of our knowledge from PRI International also has a good one (


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