a visit to the stables

One of my sons does horse-riding. I love the stables so took a few photos last time I went, in case you like country-stuff and horses as much as me.

M riding* – his horse is called Cotton:

This is a photo of a tractor. Yes, a tractor. You saw it here first!

Two of the horses, Charm and Brinty, waiting patiently.

I like this horse-graphic on the outbuilding – something very vintage about the colours and shape:

* I have a loose policy of not posting photographs of my kids, which is why, if I do occasionally post something – it is a crappy, blurry photo where you can’t really see them or a close-up of a hand or something.


P.S: I forgot to draw a winner for Helen Heath’s ‘Graft’ last week, after running this competition HERE. My apologies to those who entered, in case you were waiting! The winner is Ruth Arnison. Congratulations, Ruth, I’ll be in touch to get your address. Her favourite poem was ‘Dispatch from Fort Knox’ by Julie Leibrich.


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