geometric art

I’m a huge fan of RAMARI TEXTILES – the label name of a maker from Carterton, Leanne Taylor. Everything she makes is extremely well-made and has such integrity. (She’s also from my home town of Waitara, which puts her even higher in my affections. Small town loyalty, ahoy!)

Anyway, last week I had a big tidy up and discovered tucked away in a paper bag some Ramari artworks I’d forgotten I’d even bought! These are small ceramic discs that Leanne made, glazed, fired and then embroidered. I love the colours and the patterned stitching on them. Each is about 12 centimetres across.

I hung them up in my dining room near the window and have gotten a kick out of looking at them all week. To me they kind of look like maths or science drawings, rendered in stitch. Viva la affordable art!


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