little blue shoes


I op-shopped this pair of little blue 1970s leather shoes recently, for a friend who had a just had a girl baby. I had a pair just like it when I was wee. I remember wearing them with white knee-socks and one of those woollen kilts with the white cotton top attached. (Does anyone else remember those?)


This little shoes conjured up the weirdest feelings in me. I had them sitting on my window-sill for a long while, so I could contemplate what the feelings were.

I am very affected by pictures and by objects. For me, it’s sort of like certain images or objects emit a frequency that only I seem to tune into. That probably sounds a bit crazy, but I can’t think how else to describe it. I have a heightened awareness of the ‘energy’ of objects and the emotional states of people, which can make life….interesting at times.

I’ve tucked the shoes away now, to send to my friend when her daughter is a bit bigger. It was good to be with them for a while. They gave me back some inexplicable sensory experience of my childhood.

7 thoughts on “little blue shoes

  1. I always wanted to dress like that when I was a kid, but my mother, being the daughter of a sheep farmer, dressed me in the heavy wool kilts with pins, wooly spensers and cable-knit jerseys. I am always fancying that certain objects contain a life force as well. They certainly hold a story.


  2. My 8yo, when she was wee, had a kilt with a white singlet top attached, charity shopped (we were living in the UK) by a dear friend. I loved it: it combined cuteness with a certain gravitas. Both daughters wore it and it’s now been handed on to cousins.


  3. Just the other day I was trying to force a friend to remember those kilts with top attached. She didn’t. So hurray for your post! I’m interested in your response to objects as I have a little ability to evoke images – like stills or brief moments of film – when holding objects. It sometimes happens when I shake hands or touch someone. I agree, it makes life interesting…


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