little blue shoes

7 thoughts on “little blue shoes”

  1. I always wanted to dress like that when I was a kid, but my mother, being the daughter of a sheep farmer, dressed me in the heavy wool kilts with pins, wooly spensers and cable-knit jerseys. I am always fancying that certain objects contain a life force as well. They certainly hold a story.


  2. My 8yo, when she was wee, had a kilt with a white singlet top attached, charity shopped (we were living in the UK) by a dear friend. I loved it: it combined cuteness with a certain gravitas. Both daughters wore it and it’s now been handed on to cousins.


  3. Just the other day I was trying to force a friend to remember those kilts with top attached. She didn’t. So hurray for your post! I’m interested in your response to objects as I have a little ability to evoke images – like stills or brief moments of film – when holding objects. It sometimes happens when I shake hands or touch someone. I agree, it makes life interesting…


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