Juliette of the Herbs

7 thoughts on “Juliette of the Herbs”

  1. I haven’t watched the video yet but I think I want Juliette’s life. And coincidentally, I have rosemary planted near my door.


  2. I’ll be watching the documentary. An early morning rosemary infused bath helps me revive my spirits for the day. But we need a few new bushes so thanks for the push.


    1. Yay, and luckily it grows rapidly and looks after itself pretty much. I also like to dry it and then grind it up in my mortar and pestle with some rock salt to make delicious herb salt for cooking savoury dishes.


  3. PS In my former life the medieval and renaissance herbals were central to my research and so much of what they described is familiar to the treatments we develop today. So plant away! Bees and friends and repelling evil – what more do you need?


  4. Thanks Helen, I was moved watching Juliette. I’m slowly learning about herbs too and love the way Juliette deeply embodied nature as teacher and friend.


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