indoor plant life

I had this idea about myself that I couldn’t do indoor plants, after killing off a few African violets and cyclamens…but then one friend gave me some unkillable mother-in-law’s tongue and another friend gave me a cutting off her giant begonia which is now growing in my living room window like a triffid so I got my indoor plant confidence back a little…

…then at the op-shop last week I spotted these wonderful 1970s kitchen canisters (they came with wooden lids). I didn’t really need more canisters, though, and I thought they would make very cool planters. I went to the garden centre and got these tiny house plants for $2 each:

That fired me up and then I remembered a 70s pottery drippy green shallow planter a friend had given me – so I potted up some ‘baby tears’ fern.

And then I potted a cutting of a friend’s aloe vera plant in this pretty vase? cup? handmade thing I op-shopped a long time ago because I liked the flower motif on it…but hadn’t really used much. The aloe-vera is on my kitchen window for instant aid for cooking burns! (Of which I suffer many – I have so many grill burns on my hands, they are stripy and it almost looks intentional.)

Now I just hope I can keep them all alive – if they die I will go back to my indoor-planting self-doubting ways. My friend who is an expert indoor-plant grower – her house is like a jungle- tells me indoor plants usually die of over-watering, not under….so I will restrain myself on the watering front and see if that’s the trick!


7 thoughts on “indoor plant life

  1. I love the 70s canisters! I am a house plant killer and it was mother-in-laws tongue that gave me my confidence back. I am still a plant killer but the plants I do still have are hardy self sufficient warriors. My problem is the opposite to overwatering. πŸ™‚


  2. I love your 70s canisters! They look stunning.

    I am a house plant killer and it was mother-in-laws lounge that made me think I had improved. I remain a plant killer, but the plants I do have are hardy self-sufficient warriors. My problem is the opposite to overwatering.


  3. They are all terrific! I have a violet that I’ve nursed along for two + years, but it won’t bloom. We had a tiny cactus, but I think I did the overwater ting. Best of all–small, concrete-ish planter with three different succulents in it. We had it for at least 6 months before I realized they are PLASTIC! (smacks forehead whilst laughing hysterically) D’oh!


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