bread and butter letters

In a recent issue of FRANKIE MAGAZINE, there was a profile of terrific craft and vintage shop THE BREAD AND BUTTER LETTER. The ladies from the shop said of the shop’s name that it was an old term for letters sent to say ‘thank you’ and that they thought it was such a sweet notion that there was once a time when people did such a thing.

Well, I agree that it is a terrific name for a cute shop, but it had me coming over all old-fashioned and tsk-tsk-y…because I DO send ‘thank you’ cards and letters (not, by any means consistently, but I do try) and so do many of my friends.

Here are two I received recently – this delightful Autumnal one from my friend EMMA (that tiny bird plate was, of course, something I op-shopped, and the sort of function-less, dust-collecting tchotchke that drives my beloved into distraction…)

And here is a hand-drawn and coloured one from my super-talented friend SARAH LAING. Sarah even belongs to  THE AUCKLAND LETTER WRITING CLUB.

Speaking of Sarah and saying ‘thank you’ – her wonderful comics blog turns two years old today, and to thank her readers she is having a great give-away of her early comics collected into a handmade book. Check it out HERE.

I’m so glad I still have a few friends who reciprocate snail mail. Long live the bread and butter letter!


8 thoughts on “bread and butter letters

  1. I love bread and butter letters. My gran used to send me a present; I’d send her a thank you note; then she’d send me a thank you note for thanking her.


    1. It must have been a 70s thing because my mother was always making us write thank you notes, too…or perhaps it was a hangover from the 50s and 60s that our mothers bought forward from their childhoods…


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