Some random stuff from recently:

Every time I pass these Mexican sodas in the supermarket I have to talk myself out of buying some. The internal conversation goes like this:

‘I love the packaging on those! I want them! It would be like a mini-trip to Mexico!’

‘Helen, you are not buying those. They are junky, sugary drinks which have huge food-miles. There is no reason for them to be in New Zealand. They are nutritionally below zero and a waste of the world’s resources.’

‘But they are so pretty!’

‘Don’t be ridiculous, Helen. What are you, four years old?’

Welcome to my brain.

So last time I took a couple of photographs of them. Hopefully this will cure my illogical compulsions.

Speaking of food-miles, last week I drove to Wellington, read one poem (at Writers On Mondays, the Best New Zealand Poems 2011 reading) and then drove back. That may be up there as the weirdest road trip I’ve experienced.

Other things that happened last week:

-I hung out with the chickens in the garden in the sun on Saturday and it felt like spring and it made me happy. I lifted up rocks and they came running to feast on the insect smorgasbords underneath.

-went for a long walk on the beach yesterday and my body sank into a relaxed state which felt very unusual and therefore indicated to me that I have been more stressed lately than I realised…

-every week lately involves a lot more yoga, as my yoga teacher training commitments have increased. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday….yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga…

-despite all the yoga, EVERY SINGLE TIME I am about to go to class, or to teach my own class I encounter resistance, defiance and the same illogical self-sabotaging battles….because that is just how it goes for me. I don’t know if this will ever change. All I can do is to continue to commit to showing up, despite this internal junk.

-Poetry Day last Friday was full and fun and I realised I much more enjoy events which bring poetry into the lives of people who don’t often engage with poetry, rather than the ‘preaching to the choir’ poetry events. The joy of seeing people who aren’t much into poetry connect with poetry is huge!

-On August 13, I am reading poetry in Hastings, so we are going to turn that gig into the opportunity for a little holiday…if you know that area at all, do tell me some cool things to do in Napier/Hastings. We will have the kids with us, so winery tours are off the menu, but we thought we might do Waimarama Beach and Te Mata Point….I would welcome any suggestions of good cafes, cute shops or other esoteric local knowledge!

-Have a good week. Try not to rush. Be kind to yourself, you’re all you have. x


10 thoughts on “lately

  1. That’s how I feel when I turn up to teach at my day job. You are a good yoga teacher and provide a valuable service — whether you want to or not! ha ha. I sprained my wrist on Thursday and am doing one armed yoga in the privacy of my own home, (it’s kind of like tree pose but upper body — that’s a joke) so won’t make it to Pivara tonight. Sad about that.


  2. I am being kind to myself this week because I'm a bit stressed about a poetry performance gig I am organising for Wednesday. So I have been doing a lot of reading (I'm seven books ahead of where I should be in my reading goal!!) and lying on the couch by the fire. It feels good.


  3. Arataki Honey in Havelock North is well worth a visit. If you are bringing your pushbikes, Napier/Hastings has the most amazing cycle trails. Also Rush Munroe icecream in Hastings is not a bad treat 🙂


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