sunday walks

Oh poor neglected blog! Life is Life with a capital ‘L’ lately – not leaving me much time for blogging/contemplating/creativity…

We have had unseasonally lovely weather lately though – and I have dragged my family out into it for some wholesome Sunday walks…we’ve been to Foxton Beach, the park at Feilding and a bush walk to Heritage Lodge in the Apiti Hills.

Sunshine, fresh air, getting a bit of a sweat up – it feels like the first peeks outside the cave after the worst of winter…

The Heritage Lodge was burned down about ten years ago and the descendents of Alice Nash contributed to a new hut (and it’s beautiful!) – here’s a plaque about Alice in the hut.



My poor family – I’ve become such a yoga nerd I do it regardless of where we might be and being high up in the hills definitely made me want to break into a few warriors and this pose, the dancer. lol!

One thought on “sunday walks

  1. You live in such a beautiful day we really hope to visit. I’m having a similar holiday; rarely online and not unhappy about it. Love that pose – so powerful. Even better where you are 😉


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