this time last year on instagram

I don’t have a smartphone, but my son has an iPod-touch, and when we first got it, I set up instagram…however he kept deleting my apps and generally being a pest so I sort of gave up on trying to share it with him and just left him to it…

…he’s just received an iPad as a gift (lucky lucky boy!) so I’ve inherited his (cracked and be-smurched) old iPod and I can play with instagram again! Yay!

I started by down-loading my instagram photographs from the last time I used it and – funnily – it was roughly a year ago!

Here’s some instagrams from August-September last year….

There was baking of cupcakes….


& eating of my husband’s fine pizza – I swear he makes the best pizza and the best coffee IN THE WORLD. I’m so lucky!


I op-shopped a wonderful early-80s ‘cowgirl’ dress, which I love because it is an adult version of serveral dresses I wore as a girl:


And this was my other favourite op-shop purchase from last year – a 70s owl trivet:


I bought a bodhran, which I love! I’ve neglected it a bit lately…this photo reminds me how excited I was when I first got it – this summer I’m going to ‘serenade’ the chickens from the back porch with some invigorating bodhran beats!


It snowed! It never snows here usually…



I farewelled my favourite (5 year old) sneakers….they were getting really gross. I haven’t replaced them yet 😦 I took this photo of them before they went in the bin…



I fell deeply in love with Merrill Garbus…this is me trying to infuse myself with some of Merrill’s coolness….ha ha….


And I took a self-portrait on my 39th birthday….this is me nearly a year ago….



I really like The Neart-Sighted Owl’s ‘This Week On Instagram’ posts (which inspired this one!) and while I know I don’t take enough shots to do a weekly instalment…now that I’m back on instagram I’ll do more of these…

(If you’re on instagram….my username is helenmlehndorf…follow me and I’ll follow you back!)


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