dead butterflies and time-travel

More op-shopping updates!

I hyper-ventilated a bit when I found this – a vintage butterfly display. It was covered in thick dust and looking very neglected….only $5! After a good clean with some window-cleaner, it has come up a treat. I thought my mister would hate it and do one of his ‘not more clutter!!’ sighs, but he likes it! Go figure.

An adorable 1970s girl’s dress. Those little patch pockets….waaah! I wish it was in my size.

A kind of ugly but interesting vintage scarf, which I will probably use to wrap a gift.

More revisiting my 70s childhood – this cute-as wooden puzzle – this definitely caused me to time-travel to Waitara Kindergarten 1976…I wonder if we actually had this puzzle at my kindy…it seems so familiar….




Butterfly display might end up winning favourite find of the year, 2012….on the other hand – there are still four months to go….


10 thoughts on “dead butterflies and time-travel

  1. HAH @ the above comment. I laughed out loud.

    You seriously find the best stuff – all of these things are very, very cool. I would love to see something that could top the butterflies though…can it be done?!


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