share a little light


It’s one of those times where I feel like I have nothing to say and everything to say which makes it hard to say anything. Therefore – here’s some happiness from around the internet which has distracted amused me recently:

I love Clover and Sage’s ‘Manifesto of the Conscious Queen’ – I like it so much I printed it out to stick it in my journal. Now there’s commitment.

Etsy’s channel on Vimeo is full of beautifully-filmed profiles of creative types from around the world. It’s impossible to watch a few of these and not want to go and make something right away.

I’ve been loving this blog  WHOLE LARDER LOVE (great name, right?) — the photography is beautiful, the food! and he has a book out at the end of this month, which looks equally great. (Note — skip if you are vegetarian — there are dead animal photographs.)

GEMMA CORRELL always makes me laugh, her work is completely daft and cute. I guess that’s why it makes me laugh.

I am in love with the illustrations of YELENA BRYKSENKOVA. The perfect quotient of light to dark.

Yummy ceramics for sale at THE BUSY FINCH shop.

I have a silly music crush on BELAIRE  – synth-pop band from Austin, Texas, USA. They sound like Stereolab and The Brunettes had a baby. Also, they are a band who exist mainly for their local scene and therefore have not tried to promote themselves at all….which makes them harder to find online…which makes them more attractive to me for some ridiculous reason. (in these times where everyone is trying to get bigger and bigger faster and faster….) I first saw them in this documentary ECHOTONE about the Austin music scene and how it’s slowly getting killed by big business…

My friend ehjc does good tumblr.

I adore documentaries. I would much rather watch a documentary than a fictional film just as I’d rather read a memoir than a novel….you can watch a squllion documentaries for free at CULTURE UNPLUGGED. They are mainly about environmental stuff, spiritual stuff and activism stuff — which if you are me is usual viewing of choice.

Hope there is something there to tickle your fancy.


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