a spot o’ sewing

In the interests of clearing out a bit of ‘chi’ in THE CAVE OF FORGOTTEN CRAFT, I finished off two skirts I had half-made ages ago (like, years…)

One was a simple wrap skirt, but I used three different fabrics for the three panels (why stick to one??)…two thrifted bits and one piece of new fabric with darling little head-kerchiefed girls on it.

The other one was a simple A-line skirt made from cotton drill, and a beautiful Tui tea-towel my friend HELEN gave me. I thought it was far too nice to dry dishes with.

I embroidered the title of my favourite Dinah Hawken BOOK on it – ‘Oh there you are, tui!’. I can’t see a tui now without saying that line…and she’s so right, you usually hear a tui before you spot it.

But wait, there’s more! Last week I thrifted some wonderful 70s t-shirting for two sweet dollars. It was a real memory trigger – & 70s t-shirting is so very SOFT. There was no mucking around with this one – I wanted that fabric on me! I could see a summer top for wearing under cardigans. I sewed a singlet out of it, just by drawing around a singlet I wear a lot – super easy peasy!

It was good to finish off some abandoned projects and get back into the crafting groove, but mostly I remembered how I don’t much like sewing for myself. The finished items are never as good as I envisioned them and so I think these will be the last things I sew for myself for a while.


6 thoughts on “a spot o’ sewing

  1. Half finished projects are so great – all the satisfaction with only half the work. So many times I’ve been able to quickly fill my craft stall by finding a box of half finished projects and getting them done. These all look great!


  2. I think these are wonderful, Helen. Three good additions to the Summer wardrobe, too.
    I get what you mean about sewing for yourself though, I feel the same way. The image in my head never quite seems to be what I am wearing (or, more likely, biffing) at the end. Guess we’re lucky we can fill most of our clothing needs at the op shops : )


  3. beautiful! i love the dinah hawken skirt especially and i always think of that line too when i see a tui.
    doesn’t it feel so great to have new clothes for summer? especially custom-made ‘you’ clothes.
    i know what you mean about dressmaking though. i do enjoy it, and even quite like the result but then get tired of the pieces really quickly and notice design/making flaws yet can’t seem to throw them out. it seems to be complicated, when it shouldn’t be.


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