the anti-consumerist shows off some new stuff

Ha ha.

Who am I kidding? I love shopping – so long as it is secondhand or handmade.

I wish I didn’t love it so much – but I seem to be part human, part-magpie.

Before the new things – the latest two op-shop mattresses. See the whole photo-pool HERE.


I got this make-your-own words garland set for my birthday back in September. It was hard to come up with something, as it was an odd selection of letters in the kit. It ended up being a bit of a brain teaser! I declare myself queen of dirt. Take that to mean what you will. Ha ha. Actually I wanted to do ’empire of dirt’, which is a quote from a Nine Inch Nails song ‘Hurt’, but there wasn’t enough letters. I don’t much like Nine Inch Nails, but I love this cover of the the song by Johnny Cash HERE – so sad and lovely.

I bought this ATTICUS FINCH cat purse at the CRAFT COUNTRY shop, for a camera case. I love how fuzzy it is, made from old Swandri, I think. I really like ATTICUS FINCH’s stuff – I have a crush on her adult-size ‘little house on the prairie’ style bonnets SEE HERE, but I know I would look like a total doofus in one because of my glasses and general goofy demeanour  – so I will just admire them from afar.

Finally, I picked up this little wooden doll at the op-shop. I think she is so sweet and I love her little green hoody. & She’s a punk doll, because under the hood her head is ‘shaved’ with just a tuft of bleached blond fringe, a la classic boot girl haircut (see below.) Oi f******g Oi!



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