palmerston north nightlife

3 thoughts on “palmerston north nightlife”

  1. You could recreate Tom and my first day – fish and chips on the beach at Himitangi. Nobody was there, we sat against a sand dune and ate fish and chips and chatted. It was super.


  2. I am familiar with the fish burgers at Golden Takeaways, They’re massive. Does Summerhays Dairy still do huge ice creams? You could do a giant fish burger and a giant ice cream for dessert.


  3. Quite often when I was a child we’d be driving through Palmerston North and my dad would point out the Telecom tower (which wasn’t called that then, because there was no Telecom yet) and tell me about how my grandad had painted it, up there, so high. I assume the story was true.


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