wellington, you flirt, you tease

I went to Wellington for a reunion of sorts with three old friends (they are not old, our friendship is old) and the Morrissey concert, which I can’t write about today with spewing a whole lot of gushy superlatives and sounding somewhat unbalanced. Three word review: it was sublime. The end.

Anyway, the day after the concert, still hanging out with aforementioned friends…Wellington turned on one of those rare (I must remember that it IS rare!) perfect weather days, searing heat, blue skies….one of those ‘you can’t beat Wellington on a good day’ days. It was one of those days so beautiful, I got pangs of ‘I want to move back to Wellington! Waaaah!’ which I haven’t had for years, because, much to my Wellington friend’s incredulity, I like living in Palmerston North! My friend Richard who was hosting us, lives up in Roseneath on the top of Mount Vic, so the views of the sparkling harbour were breathtaking and the walk down through the green belt to the waterfront for a picnic was lush and lovely.

There was picnicking, forest rambling, tree swinging and then after a very warming (!) walk back up to the top of Mount Vic our perfect day ended in Richard’s pool (yes, he is one of about five people who have an outdoor pool in Wellington).

Charmed, it was! See for yourself:






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