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…but I would be lying if I were to say I felt the same. You see, we are into week 6 of the school holidays so, apart from one week of paid work, every day has been the weekend for a long time now. I am a bit jaded at this point, running out of fun things to occupy the children with and going slightly mad for lack of sustained thinking time. Kids, whilst terrific, are all about interruptions.

Anyhow, not long to go now until we are back into routines, and then probably I will complain about that, too, because my middle name is contrary. (Actually, it’s Margaret.)

Here’s some links for your perusal, stuff I’ve spotted on my internet rambles lately:

CONSTRVCT is an online shop where you can have a dress made from photographs (!) and made to measure. If I were richer I would get a couple of photo-dresses made for sure….just think – your favourite building, person, record cover, whatever….made in a a frock. So much cooler than just another t-shirt. Nice.

I really enjoyed this hour-long interview with NYC artist FLASH ROSENBERG on The Good Life Project. Rosenberg describes herself as ‘an attention-span for hire, a possibilitist’ and talks about her sideways approach to art. Whilst at times the whimsy-o-metre went up into the red zone, I got a lot from her ideas about inventing and maintaining a career as a creative person.

I’ve been mad-pinning on my ‘SARTORIAL INSPIRATION‘ board, thinking ahead to winter and getting excited about clothes again after a bit of a blah period. Summer is fun, but winter is better for style. I love boots! & layers! & wool!

Always happy to discover more Joe Strummer stuff on the internet, I found a new documentary which was made to celebrate what would have been his 60th birthday – you can watch it free on Vimeo HERE – ‘VIVA JOE STRUMMER’.

MY NEW ROOTS is a lovely wholefoods cooking blog. It gets a little bit more hipster than thou at times, but has great recipes and beautiful photography.

I’m loving cooking with Mexican MASA FLOUR – it makes the best tortillas and empanadas. For a while I could only find it from TIA PABLO (New World stocks it) in 800g bags, but on a recent trip to Wellington found that Moore Wilson sells MASECA MASA HARINA in two kilo bags – wahoo! This stuff is the schizzle. Soooo much tastier than plain flour. You just add a bit of water, make balls, squash them thin and fry them in a dry pan. Easy-as.

My clever friend Emma has launched a new online shop EMMA MAKES. Not only does she sell her terrific crafts there, but she’s branching out into homewares and packaging, too. She blogs HERE.

Speaking of launches, NZ-based designers BLISS IN A TEACUP have just launched their new SHOP, also. I love wooden jewellery and am enamoured with THIS NECKLACE and THESE STACKABLE RINGS, except, of course, I want the whole stack for the full gilt-edged effect.

I went to see THE IMPOSSIBLE last night. My goodness, harrowing! but fascinating, too. I went through half a packet of tissues and had nightmares and yet I’m still going to recommend it. Both Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor are formidable in it. (NB- not a popcorn and jaffas movie.)

Genius conceptual art from PRINCE RAMA,   THE NOW AGE is really helping me with my new writing project.

My favourite cartoonist/artist ADRIAN TOMINE HAS A NEW BOOK out, all about New York. Adrian Tomine + New York = happy Helen. I can’t wait to read it!

WAKE UP is my favourite pop song of the summer. The video is lovely, too.

Get out of bed! Stop wasting time! Mmmmmm-hmmmmmmmm! 

Have a grand weekend, people! May love come your way and sun shine on your face. x



One thought on “Links are boss

  1. So much good stuff in here! Perfect for weekend perusing and I’m particularly excited about that Joe Strummer documentary. Thanks for including us in this awesome round up!


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