‘chokes and cardoons

On our holiday we stayed at a cottage with a beautiful country garden. There were lots of artichokes and cardoons in full bloom. I planted artichokes in my garden at the end of winter and they are still only about 4 feet high, so I was surprised to see how tall and established these ones were. It just goes to show that the Wairarapa really IS a lot hotter than the Manawatu.

The blue flowers were so bright, the most unnatural looking blue/purple. With their spiky flowers and angular aspect, they reminded me of 70s punks. They are such wonderful plants, tall and sculptural. Even if you don’t like to eat artichokes, they are eye-catching, for sure. I hope mine get to this stage before the first frosts. I took far too many photographs of them, and don’t feel like any of the shots I took convey how wonderful they were. Ah well! Here’s my attempts…

chokes_1 chokes_2 chokes_3 chokes_4 chokes_5 chokes_6 chokes_7

2 thoughts on “‘chokes and cardoons

  1. I’ve got numerous artichokes in my garden (you can divide them easily) and it really depends on where I put them as to how big they grow. It doesn’t necessarily seem to be about the sunshine, more about the soil chemistry. Beautiful photos as usual! You should try tempura baby artichokes – now they are good.


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