Taupo sk8 park

My youngest is into scooting, so I spend quite a bit of time at skate parks, sitting on my hands in order to stop myself picking up all the litter and looking even more like the Mum that I am. (Honestly, these kids drop the litter all around the very prominent rubbish bins. What’s with that? As teenage rebellions go, it’s a pretty feeble one.)

Anyway, we were recently in Taupo, so I took M to the skate park there and it had amazing street art all around the skate bowls. Here are some shots:

sk8_9 sk8_8 sk8_6 sk8_5 sk8_4 sk8_3 sk8_2 sk8_1


2 thoughts on “Taupo sk8 park

  1. Great photos! I love your blur/sharp effect. My kids have recently got into scooting big time but so far they don’t know about the existence of skate parks. I suppose I should let them in on the secret…


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