St. Valentine’s Day

I’m not going to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ because I know 73% of the population despise it….but this IS a Valentine’s Day post.

This is my favourite vintage Valentine. It’s wonderfully saucy for something so chaste – & the cat is definitely about to eat that cherub:




My ex-colleagues from my last job are going through a rough time at the moment with an ongoing restructure, so I made a coffee date with them and made these Valentine treats – chocolate hearts, Hershey’s kisses and Haribo Berries sweets in polkadot paper cups. I drew little hearts on paper doilies just to ramp up the cute a few more decibels.

My friend EMMA sells similar PAPER DOILIES, plus lovely RED HEART DOILIES in her SHOP.





Finally, someone love-bombed this tree which I spotted on a recent river walk:


I think we should tell our beloveds that we love them everyday, and I try to…but I was glad of the excuse to share a bit of extra love today all the same. x


5 thoughts on “St. Valentine’s Day

      1. Great! Few things worse that under appreciation of something nice. Sometimes when I tell people at work they’ve won some amazing free books they just email back and say, “oh okay” and it’s horrible. I feel like straight away writing back and saying “there’s been a change of plans…”


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